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Hi!… I’m Dan. I’m in my early 30’s and am married and have two beautiful daughters who, along with my wife, are my most trusted and honest advisors in life. 

I love the outdoors. Whether I’m walking through woods or up mountains, camping or barbecuing on the beach with family and friends, I’m a happy man. I do what I can to keep fit but my daughters make sure of that with all the activities they do. I recently got into tennis as a result of supporting my eldest daughter’s interest in the sport and I’m having a blast.

Although I haven’t written about it much until now, hopefully it’s clear from my work that one of my biggest passions in life is photography. Like most photographers, it originally started as a hobby and naturally developed into a business. I tried doing a course but I wasn’t really into it so would say that I’m ‘self taught’ in the basic and technical elements and the rest comes from flare and experience.

Wedding photography isn’t without it’s challenges but it’s a huge honour and privilege to be able to do what I do and I absolutely love it…. the people, the places, the joy that I’m able to bring to people when I deliver their collection. I still get a massive buzz when someone books me after a consultation. There’s no bigger compliment when someone chooses me over the hundreds of other talented photographers out there.




…Why choose Silver Oak Studios?…

Quite simply, the answer is quality. In all things imaginable. Quality in service; the service that you receive pre and post photo shoot, quality in the workmanship of the final product, quality in your wedding album and quality in the service that you receive from us on the day.

Although based in South East Wales, Silver Oak Studios is able to offer coverage across the entire of the UK and is also available for weddings abroad.


Where do we Cover?…

We’re based in South East Wales and offer Wedding Photography services that cover Cardiff, Newport, Glamorgan, Bridgend, Monmouth, Hereford and Bristol.

We’re also available for hire anywhere in the UK and abroad.

Basically, we’ll shoot a wedding anywhere in the world.


Our Approach…

Your Wedding Day is up there amongst the most amazing things you can do in your life but, once the wedding cars have left, the cake has been eaten and the flowers have dried out, the only thing that is going to be left for you to immerse yourself in the special day that began your marriage is your wedding photography.

It is with this in mind that Silver Oak Studios approaches every single wedding. Never do we underestimate the responsibility and huge honour we have been given and never will we give anything less than 100% in our approach to serving you. Furthermore, we’re not driven by an unnecessary and misplaced desire to keep you from your wedding guests longer than is needed.
Neither will we be barking orders at your close friends and family all day.
Our interaction with you as a couple and everyone at your wedding will be nothing other than pleasant and fun-filled. That way, when you look back over your wedding photos, you’ll re‐live the genuinely joyful emotions that you experienced at the time, which will not be tainted by the sourness of a rude and abrupt photographer.

Our aim is to give you a wide variety of photos by which to remember your day and to give you maximum enjoyment each time you revisit them. We achieve this through a combination of three different types of photography:

  1. Portraiture Photography- we make subtle directions to pose you in a way that is natural and flattering;
  2. Photo Journalistic‐ 100% natural, organic moments of you, your guests and the associated interactions;
  3. ‘Dynamic Direction’‐ this is where we create or intensify moments that you won’t even be aware of. For example, we’ll position the bridesmaids to greet the bride as she arrives in the wedding car, we’ll stir up a bit of emotion and put the Father‐of‐the‐Bride at the bottom of the stairs for him to see the bride for the first time in her wedding dress and we’ll make sure that your guests are waiting to welcome you at your reception venue instead of them piling into the bar before you even get there. Every time you revisit these photos, you’ll think of the joy that you experienced at the time and not the tedious tendency of an ‘overzealous’ photographer.

So, from the traditional family group photos and the adventurous Bride & Groom portraits to the natural, candid emotions of you and your guests and the detail of everything that surrounds you, rest assured, Silver Oak Studios has got it covered.

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