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Silver Oak Studios - Photography by Dan Weston is a South Wales based photography company specialising in Wedding and location portraiture photography.

For Dan, the collections he creates are as much about the experience as the end result…

"When my clients look at their wedding photos, I want them to relive the moment that it represents. I don’t need to drag you away from your guests for hours on end to capture the magic of your wedding day. I just need to keep my eyes open… and be ready to capture the moment in its truest form.”

What you can expect from Dan is a low-key approach which captures genuine moments organically with the odd bit of direction and control where it’s needed. With this approach, you can expect a varied collection that captures the very essence of your wedding day and tells the story in a way that words cannot.

“I offer a free, no obligation consultation to anyone who is interested in meeting me. I’ll show you samples of my work and products, listen to you talk about your day and explain in a bit more details my approach to photographing a wedding. I promise you that at no point will you feel pressured into making a booking - it’s just a chance to meet in person and see my work first hand.”

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Wedding Photographer in South Wales, Cardiff, Newport, Swansea - Silver Oak

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I like to keep things simple… simple yet flexible. Having attended so many weddings, I’ve come to realise that they’re all different. My Clients are all different and therefore what they require from me is different.


You can choose your coverage - half day (up to around 5 hours) or full day. You’ll receive all of the hi-resolution, fully edited digital images and a DVD slideshow which makes for a great way to present your photos to friends and family. They normally last around 20 minutes but you can check out this shorter version here to give you an idea of what you’ll be getting.


Once you’ve done that, you can decide what extras you would like (if any). I’m happy to discuss and advise but it’s totally up to you.


Whether you have children who are growing quickly, or you’re a couple who would like some portraits to hang in your home, if you’re looking to record a stage in your life then Silver Oak Studios are here to serve you.

At a location of your choosing, you can rest assured that you’ll feel at ease with our relaxed and informal approach. Although we welcome your ideas, you’ll be guided through the experience with professionalism and ease. We aim for the experience to be an enjoyable one which you can look back on to reflect on that stage in your life.

You’ll receive a disc with the hi-res digital images, a single 20×16″ print and the opportunity to add further prints or upgrade your access to our reasonably priced print products. We charge £300 for a one-off shoot or you can sign up to our pay-per-month facility. For just £22.50/month, we will contact you annually to arrange a photo shoot at a time and place of your choosing. It’s the perfect way to professionally record those stages and have a keep-sake to last for all eternity.


I like to keep things simple… simple yet flexible. Having attended so many weddings, I’ve come to realise that they’re all different. My Clients are all different and therefore what they require from me is different.

You can choose your coverage - half day (up to around 5 hours) or full day. You’ll receive all of the hi-resolution, fully edited digital images and a DVD slideshow which makes for a great way to present your photos to friends and family. For a sample DVD please feel free to get in touch and I'll pop one in the post to you.

Half Day: £750

Full Day: £1,000

Once you’ve chosen your coverage, you can decide what extras you would like (if any). I’m happy to discuss and advise but it’s totally up to you.




Having tried a few album suppliers over the years, I’ve found that there’s a lot to consider… quality, cost, choice and service. Nothing has beaten Photo Productions and I’m proud to wave their flag.

If you want to see them in real life, get in touch to arrange a free, no obligation consultation. 

We offer a range of perspex-covered or faux leather-covered albums in a range of sizes. You can rest assured that they are of the highest quality finish/print and will stand the test of time. They also lay flat on a table when you turn the pages - something that I think all albums should do! 


Pocket Book:   £30

Parent Book:   £70

8x10”             £185

8x12”             £200

10x12”           £220

12x15”           £255

12x18”           £290




I offer a few ‘extras’ which I would welcome you to consider…

Engagement Shoot                 £150

Great for getting used to the camera, for getting to know each other, finding out what you are/aren’t comfortable with and, as an added bonus, you’ll get some nice casual photos of you in the woods or on the beach in your jeans.

Additional Photographer       £150 to £250

If you want the bride and the groom preparations covered, some different angles covered during the ceremony and like the photojournalistic/candid type shots then consider this.

Evening Message Board        £50

Classy chalk-boards, funky chalk pens, friends/family and me taking photos… great fun for all.

Thank You Cards                   £65

50 Post cards with a photo of you holding a thank-you sign for if/when you're ready to send out thank you cards to all your guests. Write their address on the back along with a message... job done. Price is a guide - I can do more/less as you require.



Destination Weddings 

If you’re based in the UK and are planning a wedding abroad, there are many reasons why you should consider choosing a UK-based wedding photographer. Here are just a few…

  1. You get to meet them before the wedding or before your arrival at your destination. If you leave meeting with your photographer to this late stage in your planning and find that you don’t ‘click’, it will be far too late to start looking for another one.
  2. After the wedding, they’re not thousands of miles away trying to supply albums or digital packages.
  3. You’ll be in control of your photography. There are many photographers out there and many different styles and approaches. By choosing your own photographer, you’ll be more likely to find someone with the style that suits you.

The cost of your destination wedding photography will depend largely on the location of your wedding. We need to be at our best when shooting a wedding so need to be well rested and not suffering from jet lag.

Get in touch for a free consultation to discuss your requirements where we’ll be able to provide a no obligation quotation.

Whether it's a general question, an enquiry as to whether I'm available for your wedding date, to book a consultation or anything else you can think of... I'd love to hear from you!

Phone call, text, e-mail... whatever you like....

Tel: 07725 812635
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Hi!… I’m Dan. I’m in my early 30’s and am married and have two beautiful daughters who, along with my wife, are my most trusted and honest advisors in life. 

I love the outdoors. Whether I’m walking through woods or up mountains, camping or barbecuing on the beach with family and friends, I’m a happy man. I do what I can to keep fit but my daughters make sure of that with all the activities they do. I recently got into tennis as a result of supporting my eldest daughter’s interest in the sport and I’m having a blast.

Although I haven’t written about it much until now, hopefully it’s clear from my work that one of my biggest passions in life is photography. Like most photographers, it originally started as a hobby and naturally developed into a business. I tried doing a course but I wasn’t really into it so would say that I’m ‘self taught’ in the basic and technical elements and the rest comes from flare and experience.

Wedding photography isn’t without it’s challenges but it’s a huge honour and privilege to be able to do what I do and I absolutely love it…. the people, the places, the joy that I’m able to bring to people when I deliver their collection. I still get a massive buzz when someone books me after a consultation. There’s no bigger compliment when someone chooses me over the hundreds of other talented photographers out there.




…Why choose Silver Oak Studios?…

Quite simply, the answer is quality. In all things imaginable. Quality in service; the service that you receive pre and post photo shoot, quality in the workmanship of the final product, quality in your wedding album and quality in the service that you receive from us on the day.

Although based in South East Wales, Silver Oak Studios is able to offer coverage across the entire of the UK and is also available for weddings abroad.


Where do we Cover?…

We’re based in South East Wales and offer Wedding Photography services that cover Cardiff, Newport, Glamorgan, Bridgend, Monmouth, Hereford and Bristol.

We’re also available for hire anywhere in the UK and abroad.

Basically, we’ll shoot a wedding anywhere in the world.


Our Approach…

Your Wedding Day is up there amongst the most amazing things you can do in your life but, once the wedding cars have left, the cake has been eaten and the flowers have dried out, the only thing that is going to be left for you to immerse yourself in the special day that began your marriage is your wedding photography.

It is with this in mind that Silver Oak Studios approaches every single wedding. Never do we underestimate the responsibility and huge honour we have been given and never will we give anything less than 100% in our approach to serving you. Furthermore, we’re not driven by an unnecessary and misplaced desire to keep you from your wedding guests longer than is needed.
Neither will we be barking orders at your close friends and family all day.
Our interaction with you as a couple and everyone at your wedding will be nothing other than pleasant and fun-filled. That way, when you look back over your wedding photos, you’ll re‐live the genuinely joyful emotions that you experienced at the time, which will not be tainted by the sourness of a rude and abrupt photographer.

Our aim is to give you a wide variety of photos by which to remember your day and to give you maximum enjoyment each time you revisit them. We achieve this through a combination of three different types of photography:

  1. Portraiture Photography- we make subtle directions to pose you in a way that is natural and flattering;
  2. Photo Journalistic‐ 100% natural, organic moments of you, your guests and the associated interactions;
  3. ‘Dynamic Direction’‐ this is where we create or intensify moments that you won’t even be aware of. For example, we’ll position the bridesmaids to greet the bride as she arrives in the wedding car, we’ll stir up a bit of emotion and put the Father‐of‐the‐Bride at the bottom of the stairs for him to see the bride for the first time in her wedding dress and we’ll make sure that your guests are waiting to welcome you at your reception venue instead of them piling into the bar before you even get there. Every time you revisit these photos, you’ll think of the joy that you experienced at the time and not the tedious tendency of an ‘overzealous’ photographer.

So, from the traditional family group photos and the adventurous Bride & Groom portraits to the natural, candid emotions of you and your guests and the detail of everything that surrounds you, rest assured, Silver Oak Studios has got it covered.

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